How To Identify The Quality Of Racking

Rack pallet rack after installation is complete, the main sign from the following aspects:
Shelf material generally used
1, cold rolled steel sections, preferably in GB, but with the standard manufacturers rarely (mainly price), the easiest way is to follow the bearing agreed to an experiment on the line. Shelf material domestic baogang should be original and steel SS400 steel for the best. China doesn't seem to a set of strict and complete shelf industry standard, racking up Europe FEM rack standard seems to have few
Structure of
2, shelf, rack post to see whether the bending section and uniform structure shelves more about symmetry, the better. Racking beam is a beam of linking structure and hanging beams on the post form: beam linked to more good, more stress about good beam hanging hooks on the column to see linked contact is closely aligned with the column, linked inside of this structure to work closely with the column side there is no clearance required to stabilize the force and good durability.
3, shelf surface treatment, shelf surface spray treatment must be even with strong adhesion, shelf surface coating is uniform to see if shelf post holes inside edge missed no missing good checks can be tapped with a hard object, such as easy off that shelf easily rust.
4, welding process, must look at welded joints uniform full (fish scale best), indirect, without leakage-free solder on the line.