Investment Risk Assessment Of Storage Equipment Project

First, the introduction
As a central city in central China and commodity distributing center, the city has a large amount of material circulation features, total freight traffic in forefront of similar cities in central China for the development of modern warehouse project provides a great market demand. However, due to the large storage project in their own investment, high cost and long construction period, longer payback period and tax features, there is a great risk of their investment. Current warehousing projects investment risk assessment research, using qualitative evaluation methods, seldom used quantitative methods of analysis. This article attempts to use fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method of research to evaluate the storage project investment risk.
Second, storage problems of project investment risk evaluation
In recent years, Chinese scholars must study and discuss the risks of the project, formed some preliminary theoretical results. But because the research is still at the initial stage, so there are still some problems. Mainly in two areas: in conducting risk assessment of qualitative methods, quantitative analysis method used rarely; ignore the characteristics of project investment, venture capital evaluation method of copying.
Three, warehousing projects investment risk assessment improvement
Warehousing projects investment based on the evaluation of the risk in the process, according to Suzhou Conexant storage projects in line with actual conditions, scientific and practical risk assessment index system and using the expert evaluating method to determine the weight of each specific risk indicators and Suzhou Conexant storage projects on the basis of this instance of a three-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to evaluate the risk level of the project.
Four, warehouse project risk fuzzy evaluation model
Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, using fuzzy math theory, practical method for comprehensive evaluation of the problem. Specifically, based on fuzzy mathematics, applying the principles of fuzzy relational synthesis, some ill-defined, not quantitative quantitative factors, from a number of factors are evaluating membership grade, a method of comprehensive evaluation.