Shelves And Piled Up Traditional Comparative Advantage

Rack is a rack structure, can make full use of space. Mezzanine in modern logistics activities, plays a very important role in modernization of warehouse management, types, functions have a direct relationship with the shelf.
Storage shelves can save cost, improve the efficiency of these modern management concepts become managers the primary consideration when and how efficient use of warehouse space, how to increase the volume, also was on an important position. Storage management focus has two directions: one is how to increase the efficient use of the storage space, the second is how to facilitate the flow of goods.
Storing goods space that the storage space, although on the surface of this space for storage purposes, but in fact this space for goods procurement marketing and distribution relay stations, so custody has become a center of goods storage and transportation hub in the region. Effective use of storage space has become a Manager and logistics centers of industry efforts to improve an important issue. This higher demands on the shelves. The emergence of modern warehouses, promotes the development of the shelf.
Used pallet rack can reasonable use of warehouse space, improve storage utilization, expansion of warehouse capacity. Into the shelf goods, squeezing each other, material loss, fully supplies itself functionality, reducing cargo losses.
Goods in shelves, easy to access, easy to inventory and metering can be achieved first in, first out. Ensure the quality of stored goods, may take such measures as dampproof, dustproof, theft, tampering, and to improve the quality of material storage. Many shelves of structure and function contribute to the mechanisation and automation of the warehouse management.
Traditional ways belongs to the stacking and stacking are piled stacks of goods, better management of goods, and the need to extract the underlying goods, also need to change the top product, goods may only be deposited out of work, this is not only a waste of time, waste of space, a waste of manpower.
So modern medium shelf equipment after comparing with the traditional stacking has obvious advantages.