Tools-scaffold Classification

Scaffolding has four main types:
A, attached raise scaffold Inserted lift scaffold
Just putting up a certain height and attach it to the project structure, relying on its own lifting equipment and devices, with the layer-by-layer construction of engineering structures to climb, with anti-capsizing, fall protection equipment, and can drop the scaffold for the job.
Second, single-chip-lifting and attached scaffold (Single) inserted lift scaffold
There were only two lifting devices and lifting of adhesive lifting scaffolding alone.
Third, Holistic integral lifting and attached scaffold inserted lift scaffold
Are three or more devices connected external lifting of attached lifting scaffolding
Four, Inserted supporting attachment supports structural
Directly attached to the project structure, and connected to a vertical main frame, take and pass load of the scaffold support structure.
Another bayonet, such as hanging baskets, here to talk about safe operation of these two technologies.